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The Stencil effect allows you to lock certain colors so that they cannot be painted over. This is a simple way of specifying a foreground layer where any drawing on the screen goes behind this foreground layer. When a stencil is active, an inverse S appears on the title bar.


The Make menu item brings up Make Stencil requestor that allows you select which colors to lock.



The Remake menu item recreates the stencil from the current image. If you painted with some of the locked colors after you created a stencil, Remake will add these pixels to the stencil.

Lock FG

Lock FG (lock foreground) creates a stencil out of everything that is not color zero. If you have a background enabled, this will be everything drawn on top of the background.


This reverses the current stencil so that every pixel that was locked will be unlocked and every pixel that was unlocked will be locked.


This temporarily disables the stencil so you can draw anywhere. It can be toggled back on by selecting the menu option again.


This deletes the stencil. You can now draw on the image normally.


A background is a layer behind an image. Anything you paint or draw over the background layer will hide parts of the background, but when you erase the drawing with the right mouse button, the background will reappear under the drawing.

There are two background modes that are indicated in the title bar:






Not implemented yet

Documentation written by Stephane Anquetil

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